Accreditation is a formal recognition that a certificate, diploma or degree programme has attained the quality standards and criteria set by MQA and is in compliance with the MQF.

Institutions whose programmes have been accredited can use MQA recognition in their advertisements or any other statement. These programmes can be considered for recognition by the government for the purpose of employment in the public sector. Accreditation is a status or achievement as a result of quality assessment by MQA. It is a commitment by MQA to all stakeholders in higher education i.e students, parents, employers that the programme accredited by MQA is quality-assured. It is also a basis for other parties to recognise the programme for a variety of reasons. For example, the Public Service Department (PSD) will use this accreditation status to recognise the qualification for employment in the public service.

Accreditation status by MQA has many advantages. Besides being a benchmark for quality programme, it also has other advantages such as:-

  • Students are eligible to apply for loan from funding agencies such as National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN).
  • Students are eligible to continue their studies in higher education institutions and obtain credit transfer. However, the final decision lies with the institution concerned.
  • Students can be considered for employment in the public sector. In many cases, even employers from the private sector prefer accredited programmes in their selection of graduates for employment.
  • Institutions can franchise their accredited programmes to other institutions, subject to certain conditions.

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The Chartered Accountant Malaysia or “C.A.(M)” is a designation conferred by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) to a professional in accountancy, business and finance with a recognised accountancy qualification and relevant work experience. C.A.(M) are the industry captains, corporate leaders and decision makers that play significant roles in nation building.

MIA was established under the Accountants Act 1967 as the statutory accountancy body that regulates, develops, supports and enhances the integrity and status of the profession while upholding the public interest.

Working closely alongside strategic business partners and stakeholders, MIA connects its members to a wide range of continuous professional development programmes, updates and networking opportunities. Presently, there are 34543 members making their strides across all industries in Malaysia and around the world.

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