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Department of Management and Human Resource is interested in exploring the ways in which organizations become competitive by understanding the dynamics of the  environment as well as the complexity associated with managing individuals. This department offers  programmes which provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the main areas of management in order to prepare for their careers in management and human resources. It is designed to equip students with the skills and competencies to effectively manage and efficiently adapt business operations in the dynamic and multicultural context in which many businesses operate today.

Specifically, the Department of Management and Human Resource consists of four programmes which are:

  • Bachelor Of Human Resource Management (Hons.)

The programme aims to produce graduates with contemporary knowledge and skills in a range of key human resource management disciplines with specific emphasis on profession with high moral and ethical values.

Our degrees in human resource management (BHRM) provide students with both quantitative skills and a global perspective as they pertain to BHRM with a goal of enriching the student’s understanding of the environment in which Human Resources Management operates.

BHRM program is a perfect fit for professionals who need to comprehend such issues as compensation management, employment law, leadership theory, recruitment, retention and the role of analysis in strategic decision making.

  • Bachelor Of Business Management (Hons.)

To produce graduates with contemporary  knowledge and skills in a range of key business disciplines with specific emphasis on management skills. As such, the programme design has integrated a number of professional courses that emphasize on problem-solving, managerial competencies, oral and written communication skills, ethics and social responsibilities, alongside functional areas of study.

This program is being designed to nurture and convert one’s inherent business interests and abilities into usable skills which are highly sought after in the world of business. It comprise of compulsory Project-and Study which enables students to gain invaluable experience before they head out into the working world where theory is put into practice to ensure students meet industry requirements in most competitive world.

  • Diploma In Business Management

The programme aims to provide graduates with related broad-based knowledge in management, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, as well as legal matters relating to commercial transaction to contribute towards the industry and it also aims towards lifelong learning. Graduates with a Diploma in Business Management obtain basic skills on operating small business and work on the projected business plan. After finishing their studies graduates may work in industry, for commercial businesses or choose to be a self-employed entrepreneur.

The program offered is not only emphasizing in theories but also supplies with practical where final year student will experience industrial training with local company. It will help the student to gain exposure and an insight of how company operate. The courses offered are curated and created to fulfil the markets demand by producing a well-spoken graduates with intellectual ability and creativity.

  • Diploma In Sport Industry Management

This programme aims to train and produce educators, manager and relevant personnel who are creative, innovative, analytical and knowledgeable to serve society and meets the need of various sector of the sport industry.

The increasing number of local and international sports together with the government’s support has created a demand for sport management expertise.

 Sport industry management as an area of academic preparation to improvise the development in areas of planning, organizing directing, controlling within the context of an organization or department whose primary product is related to sport.  This programme will contribute to Malaysia to improvise the Malaysia Sports development.


Head of Department & Program Coordinator

Pn Khairun Natasha Mohd Fazmi

Program Coordinator (Diploma Business Management)

Pn Norjiah Muslim

Program Coordinator (Bachelor Business Management)

En Mohd Ezani Jaafar

Program Coordinator (Bachelor Human Resources Management)

Cik Renny Karlina Abdul Rauf

Program Coordinator (Bachelor Human Resources Management)

Pn Ewiwe Henry

Program Coordinator (Diploma Sport Industry Management)